VGA, DVI, S-Video and other video connectors
The Mini-VGA connector is used on laptops and other systems in place of the standard VGA connector. Apart from its compact form, mini-VGA ports have the added ability to output both composite and S-Video in addition to VGA signals through the use of EDID.

Used mostly  in Apple iMac G5, eMac, iBook, PowerBook G4 (early 12-inch models).

VGA mode tv-out mode
2 VSync  n/a
3 HSync  n/a
4 Red return  GND
5 Red video  S-video (C)
6 Green return  GND
7 Green video  S-video (Y)
8 +5V  +5V
9 Blue video  Composite video
10 DDC data  DDC data
11 DDC clock  DDC clock
13 Cable detect  Cable detect
14 Blue return  GND



The mini-VGA connector can also be used for video output. In this mode, S-Video chrominance (C) and luminance (Y) signals replace the red and green channels, while an equivalent composite video signal is output on the blue channel. The horizontal and vertical sync pins are unused.

14 pin mini-VGA connector layout
14 pin mini-VGA connector
at the notebook
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Mini-VGA connector visual pinout:
Mini-VGA connector diagram
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