S-Video, SCART and other video/audio cables scheme
Most computer graphics cards nowadays does not have a Video Graphics Array connector. Some of them outputs the RGBHV (used in VGA) through their Digital Video Interface. If a graphics card has a DVI-I connector, but no VGA connector, it is likely to output VGA through DVI-I. Here we will show you how you can wire a DVI-I to VGA passive adapter. PLEASE NOTE: This scheme only works for DVI-I connectors. DVI-I carries both digital and analog RGB. DVI-D does not carry any analog RGB signal at all, so it is not possible to convert it to VGA without using an active adapter.


Pin #
Pin Name
Direction VGA
Pin #
Pin Name
C1 Analog red --> 1 RED Red video
C2 Analog green --> 2 GREEN Green video
C3 Analog blue --> 3 BLUE Blue-video
15 Ground <-- 4 ID2/RES Formerly Monitor ID bit 2, reserved since E-DDC
15 Ground <-- 5 GND Ground (HSync)
C5 Analog ground <-- 6 RED_RTN Red return
C5 Analog ground <-- 7 GREEN_RTN Green return
C5 Analog ground <-- 8 BLUE_RTN Blue return
14 +5 V --> 9 KEY/PWR Formerly key, now +5V DC
15 Ground <-- 10 GND Ground (VSync, DDC)
15 Ground <-- 11 ID0/RES Formerly Monitor ID bit 0, reserved since E-DDC
7 DDC data --> 12 ID1/SDA Formerly Monitor ID bit 1, I²C data since DDC2
C4 Analog horizontal sync --> 13 HSync Horizontal sync
8 Analog vertical sync --> 14 VSync Vertical sync
6 DDC clock --> 15 ID3/SCL Formerly Monitor ID bit 3, I²C clock since DDC2

Sometimes the DVI Hot Plug Detect should be grounded, sometimes it should be connected +5 V. This varies from graphics card to graphics card, but we recommend grounding it (connecting it to DVI pin 15).

29 pin DVI female connector layout
29 pin DVI female connector
at the graphics card
15 pin highdensity D-SUB female connector layout
15 pin highdensity D-SUB female connector
at the monitor
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Is this pinout
DVI-I to VGA passive adapter wiring scheme visual pinout:
DVI-I to VGA passive adapter wiring scheme diagram
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