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2016-04-28 02:49:17rev. 3ERROR FIXEDI noticed an error in the "Notes:" section at the bottom of the page. It says to connect "B6 to GND (jumper to C6) for run main 12V output." C6 is not ground, it is VG, and the 12V output does *not* turn on if you jumper B6 to C6. "C6" should be changed to any one of the ground pins (I choose C1), it works properly. Also, jumping B2 to GND does not seem to slow the fan down, but I can't confirm that's necessarily an error.APPROVED
2016-08-20 00:31:45rev. 3CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-09-21 23:10:42rev. 3CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-01-14 22:29:47rev. 3CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-02-28 19:33:28rev. 3CORRECTno errors, works for the model 700815-0000. thanks APPROVED
2018-01-09 10:17:51rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-02-26 18:12:46rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-02-26 23:24:45rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-03-10 20:11:28rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-04-13 02:05:16rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-08-05 04:20:33rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-11-10 16:59:02rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-11-23 15:21:29rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-12-09 02:29:59rev. 4CORRECTn/aAPPROVED
2019-01-25 11:50:43rev. 4CORRECTSeems to be the same pinout for a Z750P, which is very similar to N750P (also a 750W supply). Also, it would make more sense that there would be ~20A max per rail, given it's a 60A power supply, with a 30A absolute maximum. APPROVED
2019-04-26 11:31:20rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2019-08-22 01:04:10rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2019-10-28 11:51:41rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED

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