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24+6 pins DELL PSU male (FCI PowerBlade 51721 series) connector layout
24+6 pins DELL PSU male (FCI PowerBlade 51721 series) connector
4x6 + 6 connector was very common in many DELL server PSU, but each has different pin map. Dell AA23290, AA23300, 7000814-0000, NPS700AB, NPS750-S0, 700815-0000 PSU's.

Controll pins:

1 (A1)   PS_KILL   3.3V st-by output control pin, short to GND at server
2 (A2)   +12V_CS   Current share - for balance load between paralell PSU
3 (A3)   GND   Logic/control ground
4 (A4)   3.3V   3.3V Stand-By output
5 (A5)   A0   I2C device adress bit 0 select
6 (A6)   3.3V   3.3V Stand-By output
7 (B1)   GND   Logic/control ground
8 (B2)   spare   PWM input for fan speed control
9 (B3)   GND   Logic/control ground
10 (B4)   3.3V   3.3V Stand-By outpu
11 (B5)   SDA   I2C bus DATA signal
12 (B6)   PS_ON   Main 12V output control pin
13 (C1)   GND   Logic/control ground
14 (C2)   Tach1   Open collector fan speed signal
15 (C3)   GND   Logic/controll ground
16 (C4)   3.3V   3.3V Stand-By output
17 (C5)   SCL   I2C bus CLOCK signal
18 (C6)   VG   AC input presents and above minimum level
19 (D1)   Present   Power supply seated
20 (D2)   spare   Logic/controll ground
21 (D3)   GND   Logic/controll ground
22 (D4)   3.3V   3.3V Stand-By output
23 (D5)   S_INIT/ALERT   3.3V Stand-By output
24 (D6)   POK   Power output OK

Warning: Controll interface was 3.3V only. Do not connect to 5V circuit.


Pin number Description
Power output pins:
  PB1   GND return for main output
  PB2   GND return for main output
  PB3   GND return for main output
  PB4   +12V main output
  PB5   +12V main output
  PB6   +12V main output








Seems to be the same pinout for a Z750P, which is very similar to N750P (also a 750W supply). 

Seems to be the same pinout for a Z750P, which is very similar to N750P (also a 750W supply). 

Also, it would make more sense that there would be ~20A max per rail, given it's a 60A power supply, with a 30A absolute maximum. 


Connect A1 to GND (jumper to B1) for run 3.3V st-by supply.

Connect B6 to GND (jumper to C1) for run main 12V output. Work only when 3.3V supply work.

Connect B2 to GND (jumper to B3) for slow down fan. PSU fan was designed to cooling part of server. By default, work at full speed.

SDA and SCL can be connected to SMB or I2C bus for identify PSU. Probably it's possible to remote controll supply or read working paremeters by that bus.


Server power supplies was wery powerfull beasts. Most of it have single +12V power output and single aux/st-by output.

N750P have 750W total output power:

3V3 @ 5.5A (18W)

12V @ 62.4A (748W)

According to 27 reports in our database (25 positive and 1 negative) the DELL N750P-S0 (NPS-750BB A) server PSU pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
DELL N750P-S0 (NPS-750BB A) server PSU visual pinout:click to enlarge
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