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Escort Solo S2 / Passport Radar Detector specification users reports and reviews

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Pin 4 -- 12+
INCORRECTIn my experience with the passport 8500 x50, you documentation was very helpful, though the pins are backwards. I have pin 1 as mute, pin 2 as ground, 3 as +12v, and 4 as LED. APPROVED
INCORRECTSorry, let me clarify my earlier report. What I meant to say is pin 1 is blank, pin 2 is mute, 3 is ground, 4 is +12v, 5 is LED, and 6 is blank. These numbers reflect the RJ11 diagram at the top left of the page.APPROVED
2017-12-12 07:00:55rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2022-06-01 19:58:27rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED

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