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2009-01-09 11:18:40rev. 2INCORRECT1 - microphone 2 - left audio 3 - right audio 4 - common/groundAPPROVED
2009-01-09 11:21:44rev. 2CORRECTCancel last post. Got the numbers mixed up. Your information IS correct. Sorry for the confusion.APPROVED
2009-03-21 15:15:06rev. 2INCORRECT2 micro 3 right audioAPPROVED
2009-04-24 05:46:06rev. 2CORRECTAPPROVED
2009-08-27 11:37:19rev. 3CORRECTcorrect. pin 1-3 and 2-3 => zero resistance (coil of the speaker, pin 4-3 about 1,6 kOhmAPPROVED
2009-09-13 15:40:46rev. 3ERROR FIXEDIsn't 4 (sleeve) the ground and 3 (ring) the microphone/switch ?APPROVED
2009-09-18 00:34:50rev. 3CORRECTTheres no errors the first 3 is a comun audio jack the 4 is for microphoneAPPROVED
2010-01-24 18:26:20rev. 3CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-03-31 16:36:17rev. 3INCORRECTIt is too confused... you must do a new diagramAPPROVED
2010-03-31 16:37:12rev. 3INCORRECTJust delete the confusing commentsAPPROVED
2010-04-02 14:51:59rev. 3CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-04-17 20:42:01rev. 3INCORRECTI'v just dis-assemble this cable and myAPPROVED
2010-04-17 20:50:13rev. 3ERROR FIXEDCorrect configuration: 1 - green - left earphones 2 - red - mic (signal) 3 - ground (blue-red for mic and coppery for earphones) 4 - blue - right earphonesAPPROVED
2010-05-22 01:06:02rev. 3CORRECTyes,it is correctAPPROVED
2010-08-01 09:47:06rev. 3CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-10-14 00:46:57rev. 4ERROR FIXEDthis may be correct but it makes no sense. if you plug in std stereo headphones they have three terminals. so term 3 and 4(sleeve) are shorted together, so right channel will be shorted to ground. more logical would be 1-chan, 2-chan, 3-mic, 4(sleeve)- ground. then when a regular headphone is plugged in the mic is shorted to ground. the phone can sense this and use it's mic and not the headset--- am i missing something??APPROVED
2010-10-18 05:23:25rev. 5CORRECTok,first configuration is correct. alternate pinout is not correct. and the error fixed comment (dated 2010-04-17 20:50:13)is also incorrect. again is has to be wrong or one channel is shorted to ground on standard earphones without a mic. the first configuration shorts the mic to ground when using std earphones--which is okAPPROVED
2010-12-12 08:30:12rev. 10CORRECTNo errors. I built a little pigtail so my favorite earbuds would have a mic. Works great.APPROVED
2011-01-14 00:43:40rev. 10CORRECTno just right! i repaired 3 iphone headphones with mics already and all worksAPPROVED
2011-01-19 06:52:05rev. 10CORRECTAPPROVED
2011-09-09 09:08:00rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED
2011-09-10 09:03:11rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED
2011-11-27 01:20:54rev. 12INCORRECTAPPROVED
2012-03-16 02:01:25rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-07-18 10:28:49rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED
2013-02-15 16:34:19rev. 12CORRECTFully CorrectAPPROVED
2013-07-10 13:58:05rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-02-14 22:46:39rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-09-18 09:55:43rev. 12INCORRECTpin 4 = ground pin 3 = micAPPROVED
2014-09-20 20:41:53rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-03-31 00:25:55rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-04-17 07:02:30rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-08-22 15:43:10rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED

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2010-10-28 21:17:30rev. 10Rob Rampleyadding validation comments
2010-10-28 21:20:10rev. 10
2011-05-31 22:08:50rev. 10Andrew Poulain
2011-06-11 09:42:17rev. 12Andrew J PoulainAdded functions information, changed the title.
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