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ERROR FIXEDcharge: pins 4,5 (+5V, 1A, works fine from USB)
pins 20,21 - battery OUTPUT?
ERROR FIXEDSorry for previous - 4,5 - charge (5V,1A,works fine from USB)
21,22 (not 20,21 as I said before)- VBatt (battery output)
2008-10-04 12:06:00rev. 2CORRECTwork for flash lg kp 200APPROVED
2009-09-25 13:16:20rev. 3CORRECTmy LG KG220 starts charging only after pins 5 and 22 was been shorted and connected to +5V, and pin 19 connected to GND.APPROVED
2014-05-06 18:00:34rev. 3INCORRECTi have the z1130 RS232 cable,2 variant of it,original,i opened conector,is al right the 24pins conector from picture BUT pins 13,14,17,18 al rx,tx pins are not conected!NOT one of them! and this suposed to be usb-rs232 interface cableAPPROVED

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2009-01-24 23:00:37rev. 3ColinFor LG TU550, pin 5 powers but does not charge. Battery shows full charge while charger shows charging.
2009-02-21 22:28:39rev. 3AirBoyThis pinout is fully compatible with the Axesstel AXW P800 and Zapp Z1130 WLL phone.
2010-02-27 22:35:01rev. 3Raziq shadsir i want to know about Axesstel AXW-P450 pinout
2018-03-31 07:37:12rev. 5ppwo

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