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2009-05-27 15:31:47rev. 3CORRECTOn my FS Lifebook S7110 this schema did not work for me first, but then I figured out that the "Y" and "C" signals in the S7110 notebook are actually swapped! "Y" signal is on pin 2 (R of the stereo jack) and "C" signal on pin 1. So I swapped the lines in the connector and it started working! Note: I was actually making a jack -> S-video cable (I did not join signals into composite using the capacitor), so I have a working confirmed S-Video output. I am going to make also the composite cable, as on the scheme above, so I will confirm composite output later, but this should work since I have S-Video out working (and conversion to composite it standard like here: http://pinouts.ru/VideoCables/svideo2RCA_pinout.shtml .APPROVED
2010-01-02 13:34:53rev. 3CORRECTNote: on lifebook S2110 the Y and C signals are swapped. Y on pin 2 (R) and C on pin 1 (L)APPROVED

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