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ERROR FIXEDI have tried and noticed that with the capacitor of 10u, the treo is not able to sense the headphones and fails to redirect the sound to the headset. By removing it I am able to get the correct functionality.APPROVED
INCORRECTThe Treo 650 has a 4 pole connector: I purchased a Shure i2c-t, a headphone/microphone combo specifically for the 650, and it has four poles. It doesnt have a push-to-talk, but rather a mute button.APPROVED
INCORRECTTreo 750 phones have a four pin headset connectorAPPROVED
ERROR FIXEDThe Treo has a special, 4-pin stereo headset which includes a microphone and has no switches at all. I have no idea what the pinout is, I was hoping to get that here.APPROVED
ERROR FIXEDUPDATE: Closer inspection reveals it does indeed have a push-to-answer switch. Ill examine the pinout when Im at work (with an ohmmeter) and update again.APPROVED

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