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35 pin Apple ADC "MicroCross" male connector layout
35 pin Apple ADC "MicroCross" male connector
attach Apple ADC monitor to PC DVI


Pin Number
Pin Name
Wire colour DVI
1/2   25v Supply both thick red separated 25V power supply (positive)   
11/12   25v Return both thick black separated 25V power supply (negative)   
C5 (biggest pin) Analog RGB Return
DDC Return
very thin dark brown C5  
3   LED very thin orange n/c   
9   DDC Data light blue 7   
19   DDC Clock Yellow 6   
21   USB Data+ green n/c   twisted with white
22   USB Data- white n/c   twisted with green
23   USB GND black n/c   
30   Clock- light brown 24   twisted with white
29   Clock+ white 23   twisted with brown
25   TMDS Data2+ white 2   twisted with orange
24   TMDS Data2- orange 1   twisted with white
14   TMDS Data1- pink 9   twisted with white
15   TMDS Data1+ white 10   twisted with pink
5   TMDS Data0+ white 18   twisted with black
4   TMDS Data0- black 17   twisted with white

Notes: There are two additional very thin “wires” in cable. One is black and the other is white, they are just fillers and do not carry any signal.

29 pin DVI female connector layout
29 pin DVI female connector
According to 2 reports in our database (1 positive and 0 negative) the Apple ADC to DVI cable pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
Apple ADC to DVI cable visual pinout:click to enlarge
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