Home audio systems are audio electronics intended for home entertainment use, such as shelf stereos and surround sound receivers. Home audio generally does not include such standard equipment such as built-in television speakers, but rather accessory equipment, which may be intended to enhance or replace standard equipment, such as standard TV speakers. Since surround sound receivers, which are primarily intended to enhance the reproduction of a movie, are the most popular home audio device, the primary field of home audio is home cinema.

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Acer Pinouts

Aiptek Pinouts

  • 5 pin Mini-USB type B plug connector drawing5 pin Mini-USB type B receptacle connector drawing
    Aiptek Pico Projector 5V Mini USB Power supply lead Aiptek Pico Projector uses a non standard Mini USB connector, when using a standard USB lead, the projector charges but will not turn on but will connect to a computer in mass storage device. If you need to connect to a 5V supply to charge and power at the same time the 5V power is supplied to pin x instead of pin 1 as standard.

Alpine Pinouts

  • Alpine Bass Knob for MRD-M300 and MRD-M500 Amps Connect a 5k potentiometer between pins 2 and 6. 5k=Full Volume, 0 Ohm =Minimum Volume Note the odd pinout of a 7 pin DIN connector. Facing the amp, clockwise starting on the bottom left: 6,1,4,2,5,3,7 Pot connects to bottom left and top pins.

Altec Pinouts

Altec Lansing Pinouts

Aminet Pinouts

Apple Pinouts

Ask Pinouts

Asus Pinouts

ATI Pinouts

CheckPoint Pinouts

  • 10 pin IDC keyed male connector drawing
    CheckPoint Firewall UTM-1 570 (U-20) internal VGA connector The CheckPoint UTM-1 Has a standard vga output (it is a pc with big ass network interfaces :)) Video signal was easy, measured 75ohms to ground with the multimeter and V H sync signals figured it out with the oscilloscope 31Khz and 60Hz, the only difficult was SDA and SCL signals, since i have to no way to know it at the motherboard side, i take a gamble and connected it trough a 330ohms resistor to the vga 15 pin connector (in case i got it wrong), here it is. it is easy to see if SDA/SCL is reversed because monitor will not be identified by the video card, if that happens, reverse it and that's it, remember to use 330ohms in series between the IDC connector output and the vga, in both lines, it is not really necessary but a good measure to protect the monitor.

Creative Pinouts

Dual Electronics Pinouts

Dvico Pinouts

E-MU Pinouts

Edstrom Pinouts

Energy Sistem Pinouts

Enttec Pinouts

  • 15 pin D-SUB female connector drawing15 pin D-SUB male connector drawing
    Enttec DMX PRO MK2 This is the pinout for the breakout port on the Enttec DMX PRO MK2 device.

Epson Pinouts

Etrovision Pinouts

Fujitsu Pinouts

Geha Pinouts

Hannspree Pinouts

Hauppauge Pinouts

Hitachi Pinouts

Intek Pinouts

JVC Pinouts

K-world Pinouts

Kiss Pinouts

LG Pinouts

LifeView Pinouts

Logitech Pinouts

M-Audio Pinouts

Magnavox Pinouts

Martin Pinouts

  • 9 pin D-SUB male connector drawing
    Martin Lightjockey DMX card PC DMX pinout for Martin Lightjockey interface card - common for profesional lighting use the Martin professional Lightjockey software with DMX interface, this are the pinout for the one (512ch) or four (2048ch) universes corresponding to the version dj or club.

Matrox Pinouts

Mighty Pinouts

NordicTrack Pinouts

Osprey Pinouts

  • 15 pin highdensity D-SUB male connector drawing
    Osprey capture cards universal breakout From Osprey Knowledge Base: "If you wish to make your own break out connectors, the pin out is below for the DB15 connector. Your card may not make use of all the pins. This is a universal breakout for Osprey capture cards."

Panasonic Pinouts

Panda Pinouts

Pinnacle Pinouts

Razer Pinouts

Roku Pinouts

Samsung Pinouts

Sanyo Pinouts

  • 8 pin DIN male connector drawing
    Sanyo VM-H100 Hi8 Camcorder AV Cable This is the end of the proprietary Sanyo camcorder cable that plugs into the camera itself via a DIN connector. The other end for the TV is just standard RCA connectors (Mono audio only). Pinout determined using continuity on multimeter.

Sharp Pinouts

Shure Pinouts

Sony Pinouts

Studio Master Pinouts

Tascam Pinouts

Verdin Pinouts

Viatek Pinouts

WD Pinouts

Winnov Pinouts

Wokster Pinouts

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