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26 pin hi-density D-SUB connector layout
26 pin hi-density D-SUB connector
vga out, vga in, audio in, video in, svideo in

Connector is 26 pin D-SUB MALE, similar to 15pin VGA

26 pin, similar to 15pin vga
Name Direction Description
1 vga Red in VGA male 1
2 vga Green in VGA male 2
3 vga Blue in VGA male 3
4 Composite Composite video input (RCA female)
5 SC in Svideo C (female, 4 pin)
6 SY in SVideo Y (female, 3 pin)
7 vga Red out VGA female pin 1
8 vga Green out VGA female pin 2
9 vga Blue out VGA female pin 3
10 GND Red in  
11 GND Green in  
12 GND Blue in  
13 Left audio RCA female white
14 Right audio  

Pinout of Ask Impression 960 projector (from manual). Very simillar to previous, but cant merge them together.

1 Analog R in
2 Anolog G in
3 Analog B in
4 not used
5 not used
6 not used
7 Analog R out
8 Analog G out
9 Analog B out
10 Analog R Gnd in
11 Analog G Gnd in
12 Analog B Gnd in
13 not used
14 not used
15 not used
16 Analog R gnd out
17 Analog G gnd out
18 Analog B gnd out
19 Hsync in
20 C/Vsync in
21 Digital gnd
22 PCID0
23 PCID1
24 Digital gnd
25 Hsync out
26 Vsync out

This connector is part of a VGA/XGA V-Split cable using 15 pin dsub connectors for data input from computer etc. and output to monitor. Alternatively a BNC V-Split cable can be used to connect to workstations with this type of connector.

According to 2 reports in our database (1 positive and 0 negative) the Ask Impression A6+, 960 projectors pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
Ask Impression A6+, 960 projectors visual pinout:click to enlarge
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