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10 pin IDC keyed male connector layout
10 pin IDC keyed male connector
The CheckPoint UTM-1 Has a standard vga output (it is a pc with big ass network interfaces :)) Video signal was easy, measured 75ohms to ground with the multimeter and V H sync signals figured it out with the oscilloscope 31Khz and 60Hz, the only difficult was SDA and SCL signals, since i have to no way to know it at the motherboard side, i take a gamble and connected it trough a 330ohms resistor to the vga 15 pin connector (in case i got it wrong), here it is. it is easy to see if SDA/SCL is reversed because monitor will not be identified by the video card, if that happens, reverse it and that's it, remember to use 330ohms in series between the IDC connector output and the vga, in both lines, it is not really necessary but a good measure to protect the monitor.


1 R Red Video
2 SDA SDA (though 330ohms  just in case)
3 G Green Video
5 B Blue Video
6 SCL SCL (through 330ohms just in case)
7 VSYNC Vertical Sync
9 HSYNC Horizontal Sync


According to 3 reports in our database (3 positive and 0 negative) the CheckPoint Firewall UTM-1 570 (U-20) internal VGA connector pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
CheckPoint Firewall UTM-1 570 (U-20) internal VGA connector visual pinout:click to enlarge
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