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15 pin highdensity D-SUB male connector layout
15 pin highdensity D-SUB male connector
From Osprey Knowledge Base: "If you wish to make your own break out connectors, the pin out is below for the DB15 connector. Your card may not make use of all the pins. This is a universal breakout for Osprey capture cards."

Models that use this breakout model include Osprey 210/220/230/240e/300/500/530/540/560 Capture Cards.

1   Unbalanced Audio Left   
2   Unbalanced Audio Right   
3   Ground for R & L unbalanced audio   
4   Balanced Audio Left + (pin 2)   
5   Balanced Audio Right - and AES/EBU (pin 3)   
6   S-Video Luma (pin 3)   
7   svideo Ground (pin 1)   
8   right channel ground balanced audio (pin 1)   
9   svideo ground (pin 2)   
10   composite video ground   
11   Balanced Audio Left - (pin 3)   
12   left channel ground balanced audio (pin 1)   
13   Balanced Audio Right + and AES/EBU + (pin 2)   
14   S-Video Chroma (pin 4)   
15   Composite Video   


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Osprey capture cards universal breakout visual pinout:click to enlarge
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