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2 pin RCA plug connector layout
2 pin RCA plug connector
An RCA cable/connector (also phono connector or Cinch connector) used to transmit analog audio and composite-video signals between devices such as TV, satellite, cable receivers, VCRs, game console systems, speakers and more. The connectors are also sometimes referred as A/V jacks.

The picture on left is self-explanatory.

Typical RCA cables will have two or three color coded connectors. RCA audio cables have two connectors: red (right stereo) and white or black for left stereo. An additional third connector on an RCA cable will be yellow for composite video.

Connections are made by pushing the cable's plug into the female jack on the device. The signal-carrying pin protrudes from the plug, and often comes into contact with the socket before the grounded rings meet, resulting in loud hum or buzz if the audio components are powered while making connections. Continuous noise can occur if the plug partially falls out of the jack, breaking ground connection but not the signal.

Here is a typical color coding of RCA connectors:

Composite analog video Composite Yellow
Analog audio Left/Mono (record if 4 connector tape cable) White
Right (record if 4 connector tape cable) Red
Left tape play if 4 connector tape cable Black
Right tape play if 4 connector tape cable Yellow
Center Green
Left surround Blue
Right surround Grey
Left back surround Brown
Right back surround Tan
Subwoofer Purple
Digital audio S/PDIF Orange
Component analog video (YPBPR) Y Green
PB Blue
PR Red
Component analog video/VGA (RGB/HV) R Red
G Green
B Blue
H(Horizontal sync)/S(Composite Sync) Yellow
V(Vertical sync) White
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RCA connector visual pinout:click to enlarge
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