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4 pin XLR male connector layout
4 pin XLR male connector
Application Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 4 Notes
12V generic power source Ground NC or Ground NC or +12V +12V 11 to 18V range, widely used for broadcast equipment
Female on power source, male on device
AMX 192 screen (analogue 0V) clock + analogue multiplex clock -  
Canford Talkback 1cct headset Mic earth/scr Mic signal Earphones earth/scr Earphones signal  
Clearcom talkback headset Mic earth/scr Mic signal Earphones earth/scr Earphones signal  
Diversitronics (analogue) superstrobes signal ground supply (+ve) not used  
e-bike / Decathlon (36 to 42V) +36/42V link to Pin 1 link to Pin 4 ground Used for variety of electrical bikes from Decathlon (and some other brands probably)
Pyro Pack Control channel 1 channel 2 channel 3 common  case to case ground for PP 1 use
Rosco gobo rotator Forward A Reverse A Forward B Reverse B  
Scroller (generic) ground -ve data +ve data +24VDC or +48VDC power NOT Wybron!
Telex Audiocom and RTS intercom headset Mic ground Mic signal Speaker ground Speaker signal Male on beltpack/station, Female on headset (RTS has it reversed often)
Wybron Scroller +24v DC -ve data +ve data ground non standard!
dc power of pro broadcast gear negative n/c n/c positive (+12V)  
Audeze LCD-2/3 pin out

Channel +



Channel - Channel + Mini-XLR only. One channel


4 pin XLR female connector layout
4 pin XLR female connector
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4 pin XLR connector visual pinout:click to enlarge
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