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he Sony 9-Pin Protocol or P1 protocol is a two-way communications protocol to control advanced video recorders. It uses an RS-422 D-sub 9-pin connector, where bi-direction communication takes place over a four wire cable.

Interface is based on RS-422 specifications. 



1   Frame ground   Frame ground
2   Receive A   Transmit A
3   Transmit B   Receive B
4   Transmit common   Receive common
5   Spare or ground   Spare or ground
6   Receive common   Transmit common
7   Receive B   Transmit B
8   Transmit A   Receive A
9   Frame ground   Frame ground

 Pins 2 and 7 form a pair and must be twisted together on long runs.

 Pins 3 and 8 form a pair and must be twisted together on long runs.


9 pin D-SUB male connector layout
9 pin D-SUB male connector
at the cable
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Sony 9-pin protocol visual pinout:
Sony 9-pin protocol diagram
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