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This is the connector inside the slot on the back of Sony professional camcorders that can be used to hold a radio receiver.


1 GND Audio Gnd
2 A1in Audio channel 1 input (unbalanced)
3 A 2in Audio channel 2 input (unbalanced)
4 V+ DC +7V output
5 GND Ground
6 SCLK SCLK ouput 64FS
7 WR855 DET  
8 GND  
9 WRR CLK WRR Serial Clock input
10 CS WRR Select ouput
11 WRR DI output to WRR Serial input
12 WRR DO input from WRR Serial output
13 LRCK Output FS
14 Data 1/2 Audio Data 1/2 input
15 Data 3/4 Audio Data 3/4 input


15 pin D-SUB female connector layout
15 pin D-SUB female connector
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Sony wireless receiver audio input connector visual pinout:
Sony wireless receiver audio input connector diagram
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Source(s) of this and additional information: From Sony maitenance manual
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