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The Digi PortServer TS is always a DTE device, asserting TxD, DTR, and RTS while monitoring RxD, DSR, CTS, DCD, and RI from the remote DCE device.

Description (may be empty)
1 RI  Ring Indicator
2 DSR  Data Set Ready
3 RTS  Request to Send
4 CGND  Chassis Ground*
5 TxD  Transmit Data
6 RxD  Receive Data
7 SGND  Signal Ground*
8 CTS  Clear to Send
9 DTR  Data Terminal Ready
10 DCD  Data Carrier Detect

*While the Digi user guide offers no expansion for either the CGND or SGND acronym labels, other Digi manuals make reference both to a "CGND" bonded to a connector shell or chassis and a separate and distinct "signal ground", allowing confident assumption of these descriptions. Furthermore, continuity testing performed on a bare PortServer TS 4 MEI showed no discernable difference between the CGND and SGND pins as measured from the metal chassis.

10 pin RJ50 (10P10C) male connector layout
10 pin RJ50 (10P10C) male connector
at the Digi PortServer
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Digi PortServer TS 10P10C (RJ50) Modular RS-232 visual pinout:
Digi PortServer TS 10P10C (RJ50) Modular RS-232 diagram
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Source(s) of this and additional information:, page 109 of the Digi One and PortServer TS Family user guide
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