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8 pin mini-DIN male connector layout
8 pin mini-DIN male connector
EPSON Film Adapter EU-33 pinout colours


1 Empty Not used
2 GND Red Wire - Connected to Yellow wire on PCB 0 volts
3 +24v Black Wire - Connected to +24v Input on PCB
4 Empty Not used
5 GND Yellow wire - Connected to Red wire on PCB - 0 vots
6 Switch On/Off Switch - normally open when OFF
7 Switch On/Off Switch - shorted to pin 6 when ON

I have taken the unit apart to get this information and just chopped off the plug since I did not have a suitable connector for it.  The wires into the plug are all coloured as above so you can apply 24v between the Black wire (+ve) and red or yellow (-ve).  The switch is not connected inside the unit but is used to tell the scanner to turn on the 24v.  I joined the Black and Brown wires together and applied 24v to the Orange (+ve) and Red+Yellow (-ve) so the switch now works.

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