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5 pin XLR male connector layout
5 pin XLR male connector
used to upload software from PC to LSC lighting product
LSC Lighting Product
Pin name
LSC Lighting Product
Direction PC
Pin name
Gnd 1+ Case 5    
Tx 4 3    
Rx 5 2    
It is also possible to make the cable using a DB25 for older style computers. This requires;

Function  5pin XLR Male(inline)   DB9 Female(inline)	DB25 Female(inline)
Gnd	      1 + Case               	5	               1+7
Tx	        4	                3                	2
Rx	        5	                2                	3
The connector body of the DMX connector must be nickel-plated, which is conductive, and not the black style, which is not.
9 pin D-SUB female connector layout
9 pin D-SUB female connector
According to 2 reports in our database (2 positive and 0 negative) the LSC CodeLink cable pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
LSC CodeLink cable visual pinout:click to enlarge
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