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This connector includes power and three serial buses: Asynchronous, I2C, and SPI. The connector layout was specified by Olimex Ltd and declared an open-project.
1   3.3V   +3.3 volt power supply
2   GND   Ground
3   TxD   Transmit Data for Async Serial bus OUT
4   RxD   Receive Data for Async Serial bus IN
5   SCL   Clock for I2C bus OUT
6   SDA   Bidirectional Serial Data for I2C bus
7   MISO   Serial Data In for SPI bus IN
8   MOSI   Serial Data Out for SPI bus
9   SCK   Clock for SPI bus OUT
10   SSEL   Slave Select for SPI bus OUT

Direction is relative to host board.

Pins 3,4,7,8,9 conforms to Push-Pull logic, Pins 5,6 Open-Drain logic. All pins are conform to 3.3 volt digital logic

10 pin IDC keyed male connector layout
10 pin IDC keyed male connector
at the host board
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Universal EXTension (UEXT) connector visual pinout:
Universal EXTension (UEXT) connector diagram
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