Pinouts of Audio / Video hardware connectors


Device 1
Pin Number
Device 1
Pin Name
Direction Device 2
Pin Number
Device 2
Pin Name
1 GND OUT 2 GND Ground
2 Signal OUT 1 Signal Mono Out
3 GND OUT 2 GND Attached to pin 1

This is correct assuming that the cable used is a two wire (1 conductor and 1 shield) cable. And also only when working with high level signals. If a three wire standard microphone cable is used, the third pin is a signal -.  It is to be connected to the sleeve (pin 2-ground) at the 1/4 in. connector.
For a low level signal, note that a standard XLR connection is for a "balanced" input, which is normally a low impedance input.  The 1/4 inch is normally high impedance. A mismatch will cause a sometimes considerable loss of signal at low signal levels normally found in a microphone source. The correct way to connect the two without signal loss is by an impedance matching transformer, or "balanced to unbalanced" matching device (or more commonly referred to as simply a "balun".)

3 pin XLR female connector layout
3 pin XLR female connector
at the Microhpone
2 pin MONO plug connector layout
2 pin MONO plug connector
at the Amplifier
According to 2 reports in our database (1 positive and 1 negative) this pinout may be incorrect.

Is this pinout
Professional audio / entertainment devices XLR to 1/4" Microhpone Cable visual pinout:
Professional audio / entertainment devices XLR to 1/4
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