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5 pin IDC male connector layout
5 pin IDC male connector
Proprietary 5 pin Fan connector

This is the Case Fan Pinout for the Proliant ML310 Generation 1, may be compatible to other Proliant Servers and ML310 Generations.

Uses non-standard 5-Pin-Fan-Connector, possibly to lock out cheap 3rd party fans.

The only special lines are the "Status"-Line and the 5th Pin. For normal operation, Status (Pin 2) is tied to Pin 1 (GND). An Open Pin 2 means either "Fan not present" or "Fan Failure". The 5th Pin may be a PWM-Control Signal for the Fan, but it is not necessary to connect it.


Description (may be empty)
1 GND  
2 Status  Fan Present / Fan Failure
3 12 V  
4 Sense  Standard Tachometry Signal
5 ? PWM  possibly PWM-Control Signal, optional

Bridge Pin 1 and 2 to be able to connect normal Fans.

5pin CPU connectors letting pin 5 open. System complains on boot: Fan solution not sufficient. This means, that pin 5 has to be connected, but I it is not known what has to be connected there.

According to 6 reports in our database (5 positive and 0 negative) the HP Compaq ProLiant ML310 G1 Case Fan pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
HP Compaq ProLiant ML310 G1 Case Fan visual pinout:click to enlarge
Source(s) of this and additional information: Own work through "reverse engineering" the board
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