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15 pin D-SUB female connector layout
15 pin D-SUB female connector
for Scanteam 8300-4 check/MSR/barcode reader. Differs from 8300-1, 8300-2.
back of the 8300-4
Name Direction Description
1 Logic Ground  
2 VCC (+5vdc) For supplying +5 VDC to the scanner
3 RXD Receive data (RS-232 voltages)
4 CTS Clear to Send (RS-232 voltages)
5 KbdDataIn Keyboard wedge data (from a keyboard)
6 KbdClkIn Keyboard wedge clock (from a keyboard)
8 Data ready -?- OCR, or 5B RX/TX
9 Vin(+12vdc) +12 VDC input, optional if +5 VDC is supplied
10 Bootstrap Short to ground to enable bootstrap mode
11 TXD Transmit data (RS-232 voltages)
12 RTS Request to Send (RS-232 voltages)
13 KbdDataOut Keyboard data (to computer)
14 KbdClkOut Keyboard clock (to computer)
15 5B RX2/TX2 -?- 5B RX/TX (inverted)
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Welch Allyn Scanteam 8300-4 visual pinout:click to enlarge
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