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60 pin Cisco DB connector layout
60 pin Cisco DB connector
DCE-DTE Serial Cable Between Cisco Routers (X.21 Format)
Serial Port on Cisco Router
Pin Name
Serial Port
on Cisco Router
Pin Number
Direction Serial Port
on Cisco Router
Pin Number
Serial Port
on Cisco Router
Pin Name
Ground 46 <--> 46 Ground Shield Ground
TXD/RXD+ 11 --> 28 RXD/TXD+ Twisted Pair No.3
TXD/RXD- 12 --> 27 RXD/TXD- Twisted Pair No.3
RTS/CTS+ 9 --> 1 CTS/RTS+ Twisted Pair No.2
RTS/CTS- 10 --> 2 CTS/RTS- Twisted Pair No.2
RXD/TXD+ 28 <-- 11 TXD/RXD+ Twisted Pair No.4
RXD/TXD- 27 <-- 12 TXD/RXD- Twisted Pair No.4
CTS/RTS+ 1 <-- 9 RTS/CTS+ Twisted Pair No.1
CTS/RTS- 2 <-- 10 RTS/CTS- Twisted Pair No.1
RXC/TXCE+ 26 <-- 24 TXC/RXC+ Twisted Pair No.5
RXC/TXCE- 25 <-- 23 TXC/RXC- Twisted Pair No.5
Ground 15 <--> 15 Ground Circuit Ground
To Local 47 48 -?- 48 To Local 47 Ground Mode 2
To Local 48 47 -?- 47 To Local 48 Ground Mode 2
To Local 52 51 -?-     Ground Mode DCE
To Local 51 52 -?-     Ground Mode DCE
Not Used 16 -?- 16 Not Used Not Used

This was deduced from two X.21 cables hooked back to back. For DCE side I had to add 2 extra wires (Pins 25,26) not used in X.21, and swapped most pin pairs. I currently use this cable between a Cisco 2520 and a Cisco 1601 at 1.5 Mb/sec.

Can be manufactured from a pair of Cisco X.21 cables. You may have to modify the DB60 end of one of them if both are the same DxE type.

The DCE end (MODE_DCE not grounded) needs to supply the clock, and shows in show controllers as DCE V.11 (X.21), clock rate 2000000 or similar.

The DTE end (MODE_DCE grounded) shows in show controllers as DTE V.11 (X.21) TX and RX clocks detected or similar.

According to 4 reports in our database (2 positive and 2 negative) the Cisco DB-60 to DB-60 pinout may be incorrect.

Is this pinout
Cisco DB-60 to DB-60 visual pinout:click to enlarge
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